Hard work pays off – examples of success with our clients include:

  • Airline Reward Program Savings
  • Car Rental Cost Avoidance Savings
  • GL Coding and Reconciliation Time Savings

Case Studies

The following case studies represent just a few examples of the savings initiatives and custom programs that A & I Travel Management has brought to our customers. Aside from monitoring and providing savings programs for the core T&E components of air, car and hotel, we seek out and find hidden and “out of the box” T&E costs that add thousands of dollars to a company’s annual expenditure.

Case Study – Maximizing Points in Airline Reward Programs

During the implementation phase of a new customer relationship, we examined their airline reward program accounts and discovered a substantial number of points accrued, most of which were expiring within six months. Over the next four months, A & I Travel identified maximum redemption opportunities at the point of sale and issued 33 tickets with reward points for a total savings of $27,248.

Case Study – Monitoring Car Loyalty Program Profiles

During an account review, we focused on the customer’s $400K+ car rental spend. At that time, the company did not have a policy regarding special car rental options for its travelers. After careful review of their car rental activity, we discovered that many travelers had opted into costly ancillary options such as GPS, automatic refueling, and unnecessary optional insurances in their loyalty club profiles. After sharing this information with the account, a new policy for car rental options was implemented, monitored and enforced by A & I and we estimated that the company realized more than $32,000 in cost avoidance annually by eliminating the unneeded ancillary options.

Case Study – Customizing Pre-Trip Notification and GL Coding

One customer came to us with a challenge: Provide pre-trip notification of each booking and assist them in tracking each purchase to the appropriate General Ledger (GL) code. They had an elaborate GL coding system comprised of almost 700 codes that changed with each transaction booked. They requested that the pre-trip approval process include mapping the notifications to more than 70 approver groups based on the GL codes selected by the traveler or travel planner.

In less than four weeks’ time, we custom-built and launched an electronic travel request form that provided intuitive drop-down menus for accurate GL code selection and a complex email distribution table to ensure that each travel request was routed to the appropriate approvers for review. At the same time, specific travel and GL code information from the travel request form flowed seamlessly into our GDS, which eliminated the inevitable key-stoke errors.

The dual goals of accurate GL coding and department head notification of intent to travel were accomplished and delivered with a custom solution for this valued account. They reported that processing time for GL posting of travel purchases was reduced from days and weeks to a few hours each month.